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“I just want to let you know I am having such great feedback on my website, (and also the poster which is running as a newspaper ad right now) and tremendous interest in my clinic.  I met my modest goals and exceeded them by 20% for May and feel like I can hardly keep up!  God is blessing tremendously.  Now I feel the burden of helping all these people that are putting their faith in me.”

Loy Anderson, MD


When Dr. Loy called  us wanting to explore the possibilities of us building a website for her, she hadn’t even fully decided to open this clinic. How excited we were to learn later that she had decided to go ahead with her plans and we’d have the privilege of working along side her to give her a web presence for her new business.

Dr. Loy wanted a website that reflected who she was and had a special way of connecting with her visitors. Her site needed to stand out from the regular “clinic” websites because she offers very different type of medical care.

In addition to the website, she needed help creating a logo, business cards, and other printed media for her new clinic.


Building a clinic website is always a challenge, because in general, clinic websites are cold and sterile. With Thriven, we wanted to push the envelope, to inspire wellness, to visually illustrate the entire concept of the Thriven meaning to “Thrive”. To do this, we decided to incorporate Dr. Loy’s love for the outdoors, and her state of Montana especially. Every page has carefully chosen images that inspire and bring refreshment.

In addition, we felt that the clinic’s logo also needed to express this similar feel. Dr. Loy had a piece of pottery that she loved and she wanted a logo that reflected the feel that the pottery gave her. So what did we do? We used her pottery piece as part of her logo! It turned out awesome. She and we both were incredibly happy with the feel that her unusual, but lovely little logo gives.

Regular lectures, and other training events are a large part of Dr. Loy’s clinic practice, so we incorporated an event calendar to help her share these with others. It allows for attendees to register if she needs that, and also allows her to limit registrations for certain events that have a seating limit.

After the logo and website were developed, we also took some time to design business cards and a poster ad for the clinic’s use. The poster is used as a newspaper ad and Dr. Loy says her business has grown since opening over 20% more than her goal.

We’re so excited this website project turned out as it did. She’s loving the compliments, and we’re loving being able to put this one in our portfolio!

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