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Ryan Swearingen is former military man, turned senior loan officer who wanted to help seniors learn about a mortgage option that is a real help to them in some situations. He had decided on another web designer when he learned about Peppermint and felt that our personal touch was more what he wanted, so he connected with us and we got the incredible privilege of working with him to build his new website!


Ryan was particularly interested in making a personal connection with his website visitors. He wanted his website to speak personally to them, rather than sounding like a corporate lead-gen website. He also wanted to make sure that his website was helpful and answered the questions that seniors might have.


Mortgages are big business. As such, there are hundreds (or likely thousands) of lead-gen mortgage sites which are dominating the mortgage search results. To establish credibility, we needed to make sure the website was very professional looking, but also connect with the visitors on a personal level. Most mortgage websites do not connect personally. That’s where Ryan was different. He wasn’t trying to generate leads, he wanted to actually help his visitors.

We decided to use blue and gold for colors, as well as a serif font for titles, which help establish trust and confidence. We went with large text for easy reading since the target audience might have trouble with small letters. Our menu structure was set up to help the visitors find answers to their questions very quickly without being overwhelmed with choices.

In addition, we built a eligibility calculator tool to help answer the visitors’ biggest question instantly. The results let them know whether they are eligibile, likely eligible, or not eligible at this time and then directs them to take the next action of filling out a Get Started form by offering it directly under their calculator results.

We’re excited about how this project turned out and look forward to hearing Ryan’s success stories over the coming months as he works to promote it from various angles.

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