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“This last March [2017] my husband asked me what I thought about renting out our ranch to eclipse campers. I quickly replied, “absolutely not!” After a month of pondering the idea, I relented without enthusiasm. By then, we only had four months to conquer an unseemingly impossible feat. We attempted to create our own website, but a month went by with only eight customers. We felt a panic creeping into our big money making dream.

On a whim, we began searching for a professional web designer. Kama Wilson at Peppermint, was our first choice only because of her prompt return of our phone message we left her. I was leery of trusting someone I had never met before with the money we were about to invest. Kama went above and beyond what she promised us. With a task so daunting as hosting 3,000 eclipse campers and all the organizing that comes with that, Kama picked up and helped us navigate through the unknowns. We continually heard from campers that they had picked our site because of the great website we had created.

We became a little worried that we may not be able to live up to Kama’s creation of us and our ranch.  But our event was a complete success and we have been asked to continue events by our campers in the future.  We highly recommend Kama Wilson and Peppermint for any website needs you may have. She WILL make you a profit and you will gain a friend in the process. Kama offers integrity, sincerity and a creativity that will put your business/event in the lead.”

Dawn Foss


RD Ranch is a cattle ranch in Madras, Oregon that decided to open up their hayfield as a campground during the 2017 total solar eclipse. Madras, in particular, was going to be swamped with visitors during this event and all regular lodging was booked. Thus the need for campsites.


There were dozens of people opening campgrounds in Madras for the eclipse. But many of them either didn’t have websites or their websites were not clear and informative enough. So our challenge was to make a website that was easy to navigate, answered questions nicely, and presented the RD Ranch campground in an attractive way so that people would be encouraged to make the choice to camp there.


Eclipse campers were looking seriously for lodging in this area and it’s was hard to chose between all the varied options. Because this was a new campground and didn’t have a history that people could investigate, we needed to create a website that instantly created credibility and trust.

We did this by creating an attractive website with lots of graphics incorporating as many actual photos of their location as we could get. Dawn and I worked to come up with as many questions as we could so that we could have a robust FAQ page. And we also took a little time to design a basic logo to help provide a professional feel to the website.

Dawn and Rick, camp owners, were required to turn in a map to the fire chief. And, in discussing it, we all also felt like an actual map of the campground would be helpful for campers as well, so Peppermint helped to create a vector map of their camping area. We’ve heard reports that the fire chief in Madras absolutely loved it. Doing this also helped create a very professional feel to their temporary campground offerings.

After going live, campers were daily buying up campsites and many mentioned that the website looks fantastic and was influential in their choice of where to camp. In total, there were close to 3000 campers! So we consider this project a success. Besides…with clients like Dawn and Rick, it’s just pure fun anyway.

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