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Peak Performance is locally owned and operated in Portland Oregon. They pride themselves on having current equipment, cutting-edge classes, and knowledgeable and helpful staff to help their clients reach their potential.


After an unfortunate, long and frustrating experience with a large web design company, Peak Performance asked us to create a site for them that reflected their brand. They wanted to set themselves apart from the other local gyms, because in very many ways, they are much more progressive. It was important to make sure that the moment people hit the page, they knew what Peak Performance was about, as it’s not told in their logo.


Our client requested a website that incorporated dark colors and their signature blue. Beyond that, we were pretty much at liberty to create a site that would set them apart.

After researching their local competition, we realized we needed a site that was easy to navigate, very clear and upfront about pricing, and was super easy to use. Just these factors alone would set them at the head of their game.

But, in Peppermint style, we went further than that. We wanted to make a site that visually stood out. This was a fun one to build. We normally dislike building dark sites, but we were pleasantly surprised at how this site came together to reflect strength and distinction.

In addition to the onsite design, we also incorporated a gym software system they had selected that allows them to have new clients join online, displays their upcoming classes, and and allows clients to register for any class they want. Integration is seamless and works great! We love how it will make gym membership easy for all their clients.

We look forward to seeing how Peak Performance grows over the coming years. It was a total honor to design a site for these adventurous business owners!

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