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Over 22 million people around the world track Santa with NORAD (North American Areospace Defense Command) each December.


In late 2015, ChirpOn, LLC, the NORAD store licensee based in Bend, Oregon asked us to take on the honor of building the NORAD Christmas village eCommerce store. That’s the store that ships out the official NORAD Tracks Santa gear to Santa Trackers all over the world.

We had to build this online e-commerce store from the ground up in a very short amount of time. In addition, it had to be able to handle customers and currencies from all over the world, without crashing during the huge rush that could easily land 3 million people on the website in one day.


NORAD designed their Santa tracking website so that when someone clicked on the store in their virtual Christmas village, it would send them directly to this website. As such, we wanted the transition from the NORAD site to this store to have a similar look and feel to the NORAD Tracks Santa site.

Because Christmas is a tremendously busy time of year, we needed an easy and quick checkout process. We combined efforts and ended up connecting with Braintree, PayPal, and Amazon. Amazon was a real winner in the end. Paypal 

In addition to creating the website, we also designed the official Santa Tracker certificates and letters that were sold.

One of our favorite projects to date, Peppermint loved the challenge. Great feedback from our client and the customers made it even more fun!

Learn more about the NORAD Tracks Santa program: PRESS RELEASE: NORAD Celebrates 60 Years of Tracking Santa

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