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Eric Rystadt is the owner and President of Main Street Development, a company that builds high-end custom homes in Portland, Oregon. He builds homes that sell for around $1 million each. His work is beautiful!


Eric contracted with Mopro, another web development company to build his website for him and found that with his busy schedule, he needed copy-writing help. So, his executive assistant saw our ad on Craigslist and recommended us to him. When the Mopro wasn’t able to deliver what Eric needed in a website, he asked Peppermint to take on the entire job ourselves. 

Because of the high-end work that Eric does, he had a strong desire for a beautiful, classy website that showcased his work. He wanted a very robust portfolio for each of his building projects, as well as the ability to pull in real estate listings in easily. In addition, he was particular about how each page was worded.


We worked very closely with Eric on every detail of his website. With his incredibly busy schedule, it took many months to complete, but the end result is a beautiful site very representative of the careful work Eric puts into each custom home he builds.

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