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Eric Van Dyke is actually an electrician by trade. But, interestingly, he’s also the guy that many brides have employed to create an unforgettable environment at their wedding. He’s fun loving, talented, and one of Central Oregon’s best DJ’s!


Eric’s DJ website was in great need of refreshing as it was dark, poorly designed, and certainly not enticing, although t did integrate a DJ music & planner service that he liked and wanted to keep in his new website. He’d found that he loved doing weddings, but his website didn’t appeal to brides and their mothers. So he reached out to Peppermint to give him a refreshing edge and speak directly to his target market.


We started this project by researching the other DJ sites locally as well as nationally to see what Eric’s competition was doing with their websites. Our research indicated that designing a site as good or better wouldn’t be difficult. Most DJ sites are very poorly designed.

Next, we asked Eric what colors he wanted. He really liked purple and yellow. We honestly were concerned about how to tastefully integrate those colors into a website, but decided we’d give it a good ole’ try. It turned out that with the right shades of those two colors, we were able to design a beautiful and stunning website!

Photo selection actually took a lot of time as it was imperative to select photos that spoke of fun, celebration, and coordinated color-wise with the site. While it took time, the results are worth it!

This was one of the very few projects we’ve ever done that went over our initial estimate hours, but there were some large additions to the project as we went along. We communicated carefully with Eric and he was good with where we were headed. We love the new website and Eric does too! It captivate exactly what we were trying to portray and we look forward to hearing that Eric is too busy with DJ requests!

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