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A Family-Owned Daily Bus Service Between Bend and Portland With Several Stops Between.


Joseph, manager of Central Oregon Breeze contacted us to help fix something that was going wrong on his old website. Investigation lead us all to a realization that a new website would probably be the wisest long-term investment.

We wanted to make the site super easy to navigate as most of the client-base is older folks. The old website offered lots of content, but it was in great need of organization and reworking.  

In addition, we wanted to provide a very personal, friendly feel as the company sets itself apart from its competition by offering kind, attentive customer service to their large and loyal customer base.


User experience was important on this site so we worked hard to ensure information was easy to find. The schedule needed to be clear and easy to understand, so we worked through several revisions of the schedule page to make it as easy and simple as possible.

Calls to action were placed all throughout the website to help encourage visitor action and to make booking a trip as easy as possible. 

We decided to break the bus stops into their own pages so that there would be no distracting information on the page to confuse the visitors. That approach resulted in a beautiful page for each stop with a background photo, map, and location information specific to that stop.

The charter page needed a special flavor, so we went with a photo intensive representation of all the ways charter service could be used. It made a fairly boring topic seem exciting and interesting. Rather than linking to a printable PDF for requesting an estimate, we chose instead to include an online form for them to request charter estimates. This made the sales process easier for both the client and the company.

Another project we undertook was converting their PDF minor consent form into an online form that automatically filled out the PDF and mailed a copy to both Breeze and the client. We integrated a special piece of programming that allowed this to process seamlessly. This new system saves Breeze a lot of hassle with paperwork.

Both Breeze staff and our own staff here at Peppermint are pleased with the beautiful, easy to use experience that Breeze bus website visitors now get to enjoy!


Isn’t it time that your website was beautiful, easy-to-use, and encouraged visitor action?