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I’ve built websites in the past. And some came out OK, and some…maybe not so OK. What a blessing to find Kama and Peppermint Web Design. Kama is a Master of creating amazing websites. She is a pleasure to work with, very flexible, knowledgeable and talented! She understands marketing and incorporates it in her website design.

I had her redesign one of our main websites [Fairway Dental Care] and were so pleased with the result that we asked her to redesign another site too [Beauty Tracks Cattery].

I highly recommend Peppermint to everyone.

Cynthia Falter

Manager, Beauty Tracks Cattery & Fairway Dental Care


Beauty Tracks Cattery in Washington State is a small hobby British Shorthair breeder focused on breeding beautiful, pedigree kittens. They are members of The International Cat Association.


After we finished a website redesign for her husband’s dental practice, Cynthia decided she’d like a refresh on her cattery website. Cynthia’s cattery always has plenty of customers to adopt her kittens, but her website was having some problems and just didn’t represent her beautiful cats the way she wanted. 


Hi Kama,
Today a lady called me and said that she contacted me because she looked at other breeders in the area and liked my site the best.  Thank you 🙂


Our client requested a website that was responsive, joyful, and elegant. With the cute photos she provided, it wasn’t terribly difficult to pull that request off.

We wanted a photo gallery for each kitten so the client could post photos of the kitten as they grow. Because her business name is Beauty Tracks Cattery, incorporating some paw prints throughout the site seemed fitting, and the client specifically asked for paw prints on the FAQ page accordion controls. All the content was pre-written, so we didn’t need to create much new content.

We incorporated a popup modal for the newsletter sign up, as 2-step registration tends to increase conversion by about 30-60% according to case studies. The newsletter, as well as the contact forms are all connected to our client’s newsletter list service provider so that she can grow her list easier. We set the default for the “add me to your newsletter” to ON because most people don’t naturally change default settings.

For a modern feel, we added in some nice, full-width photo parallax effects on the website. We like the transparencies that allow the fun, colorful photos to shine though under the content areas. 

This was the first website where we fully incorporated our newly formatted more efficient design/development process. It was a stunning success. We designed and built the entire website in just 10 days. It was one of the most fun websites we’ve designed…and so fun to work on.  Couldn’t we build cute, adorable kitty websites everyday? 

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