About Our Web Designer

Kama Wilson – CEO & Design Strategist

Kama has been designing and working marketing strategies since the mid 1990’s. After an overseas appointment as administrators and regional directors for an international humanitarian organization, she and her husband, Trevor, returned home and started an online company. By 2008, they were making their entire income in the online space.

As a web developer, Kama has a unique background of personally designing and developing over 700 websites for her own internet marketing business portfolio before she opened Peppermint’s doors to the public. Over 300 of those websites were built on the WordPress platform which makes her highly experienced in the WordPress blogging/CMS platform.

As a digital strategist, she brings a background of earning a substantial living from her internet marketing work during the time when the internet bubble was bursting. She cultivated a tremendous amount of internet marketing and branding know-how during that time which she in turn uses in her design work for her clients. Honesty and open communication are the foundation of her work ethic, pervading everything she does for her clients.

Kama has worked alongside the founder/owner of one of the first SEO agencies in the world (which is still in operation working with big name companies such as Honda, Nestle, Acura, Penske, World Vision, etc.), doing web design for some of his projects. In addition, she’s done project management and web design for a highly successful social media expert out of the UK.

Kama’s project list includes clients who are investment bankers, entrepreneurs, a motivational speaker, interior designers, start-ups, a contemporary architect, medical and dental professionals, manufacturing companies, established businesses, a high-end custom home builder, marketing agencies, and even other web design agencies.

While Kama has been said by others to have an exceptional design talent little-found inside the world of website designers, it’s possible that her greatest gift is getting personally involved in helping her clients develop outstanding credibility online so they can become their own success stories in a larger way.

Personal tidbits:

  • Kids – 5 incredible investments for our retirement entertainment
  • Pets – big poodle, tiny poodle & 5 resident mousers
  • Favorite foods – Vegetarian Indian & Thai
  • Loves – brainstorming great ideas for clients, international travel, exploring back roads, holding babies, Bible study & discussion, talking with hubby in the hammock under the juniper trees, hiking and picking huckleberries, reading educational books
  • Countries lived in outside the USA: Madagascar, Zambia, El Salvador, Ecuador