How it works…

(The explanation of why our estimate process is different than most.)

This estimate request comes directly to me, the design strategist here at Peppermint.

Notice I didn’t say it goes to our sales department. We believe you should NOT be “sold” a website. So we don’t have a sales department.

We believe that in talking together with you about your project, you’ll know if we’re a good fit or not. Our clients decide on their own if they want to hire us. Because of this unique difference, we only have amazing, fun-to-work-with clients.

We don’t offer a big agency feel. We don’t fit you into a template. Our approach is transparent, communicative, and personal. Some people like that. Some don’t.

So don’t worry about getting a sales call. You won’t.

Go ahead and send me some details about your project. Then I’ll personally give you a call. We’ll discuss your project in further detail from a design standpoint.  Easy. Simple.

I look forward to seeing what you’re thinking about!


Getting an estimate is easy!

New Estimate
(i.e. "Redesign of" or "Website for new candy cane business", etc.)
Without taking too much of your time, tell me briefly what your main goals are for this project (i.e. establish better credibility, make the site easier for visitors to navigate, be able to easily update the website myself, etc.)
Do you have any websites you love? Or parts of websites you like? Tell me here so I get a feel for what you like from a design/functionality perspective. If you have no clue, that's perfectly fine too. I'm a designer 🙂
If applicable, of course.
I can understand your needs the best when we can talk it over in detail. This helps me give you the best and closest estimate.