About Our Company

What we’re best at…

You’ll find professional quality web design, uncommon business sense, happy people, marketing insight and flexible payment options when you choose to work with Peppermint. No one company can be good at everything though…so, aside from our web and business design capabilities, the one thing we’re best at is treating you like we’d like to be treated. And…that goes a long way in this dog-eat-dog world!

Who does the work?

We build your website ourselves. Our policy is to get the job done…but to do it right. We’re not afraid to make suggestions that go against the norm that have been shown to work better than what is normally done with businesses.

Something unique…

The founder of Peppermint has a unique relationship with the internet. Why? Well…15 years ago, Kama, our CEO, met Trevor online, and a few interesting stories later, they became best friends. Just turns out, they married each other too. They worked together overseas as administrators of orphanages and then again for years online running and studying business, doing internet marketing, web design and development. You’ll notice when you work with all of us here at Peppermint, that we are informal…acting more like your partner or friend than a hired agency. We like it that way.

You’re next!

We look forward to serving you and your family by helping your business succeed and grow online with a professional presence. Serving you the best we possibly can is what Peppermint is all about!