We design & build game-changing websites.

We design & build game-changing websites.

quotation-marksHands down the best web design company I have ever worked with (and I have worked with over 50 of them). Kama creates some of the best websites I have ever seen.”

Did you know?

Statistics show that website visitors judge your site in the blink of an eye. Attractive web design significantly increases your profit potential.

We’re Different.

At Peppermint, you and your business is unique. You are a person, not a process. We emphasize getting to know you, your market, and your message. We don’t fit our clients into pre-determined molds.

Our clients love our personal and classy approach to web design, and so do we!

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You’ll Work Directly With Our Designer

(not an account rep or project manager)

We Believe In:

  • Getting “Dirty” Ourselves, First
    Before opening our doors to the public, we spent 6 years in the muddy trenches of internet marketing and web development for our own successful business projects. Our background provides you with a wealth of knowledge that is rare to find including the experience of building 700+ websites for ourselves before opening our doors to serve you!
  • Profitable Visitor Action
    Visits to your website are worthless unless people take action. Whether you want your visitors to buy, call, email, join a mailing list, or do something else, action is where profit starts.
  • Stress-Free Quality
    We have our unique ways of doing things. While we do professional quality work, you won’t find us in business suits, ties, or high heels. We prefer to remain relaxed, informal and personal with our clients.
  • Friends, Not Clients
    We see our clients as friends and we treat you that way. If you prefer a formal process, there are lots of web design companies down the road that do great with that.
  • Keeping It Simple
    Web design back-ends can be really complicated or reasonably simple. We stick with adding simplicity into your website so you can make the new pages and posts without needing an engineering degree.

Ready to make your website look fantastic?

With the right design, it’s simple to blow your competition out of the water.

What do other business owners say about us?

In regard to the recent website design for our urgent care medical practice, Kama has been an exceptional find. During our first conversation, she listened attentively as we discussed the mission statement of the clinic and the central principles of the practice. She was instrumental in communicating those principles through the visual layout of the website. Throughout the build, she was willing to share ideas, but never pushed a specific agenda. Her attention to detail and willingness to work within my schedule parameters were truly appreciated. The result was amazing. I couldn’t be happier with my website—thanks to Kama!

Kelly Leaf, M.D.

Owner/ Medical Director, One-Stop Urgent Care

Kama Wilson and her team at Peppermint strike the right balance between creative design and technical skill missing in many of today’s web designers.  Our project was delivered on time and on budget.  Kama truly cares about her clients and the success of their projects.  I will continue to use Kama and her team for all my business projects requiring creative design.

David Corley

CEO & Investment Banker, Telos, LLC

Beautiful! We gave Kama some very broad parameters, and some pretty vague ideas of what we wanted. She researched other sites and came up with a look for us that fit with our style, and is completely original. The feedback we’ve gotten on the website has been incredible. She was incredibly responsive to our feedback, and provided excellent guidance. A fantastic experience, and highly recommended!

Jeremy Gilhousen

Lead Designer, OnStage Home Staging LLC

I can see why Peter refers to your talent. Thanks for making me look so good!

Elliott Nissim

President, Earthwise Solar

We have a dental practice which was in dire need of a website. Kama came highly recommended. She is very thorough, with attention to detail and she also listens to what the customer wants. We are not easily pleased, but can honestly say that Kama has surpassed all our expectations. Now we have a functional, classy, quirky website all rolled into one. Thanks Kama.

Tia Visser

Manager, Preston House Dental

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Don’t get stuck with an ugly website. Ours will give you cutting-edge credibility.underline-1-400

Don’t get stuck with an ugly website. Ours will give you cutting-edge credibility.