I was having one of those days where my brain was just working at about half-speed…you know those days where you look at your computer and wonder what you should be doing. It wasn’t like I didn’t have a lot of things on my list. I needed to start the actual development of a website for Todd at Massage Hero, one of my Bend area customers. That alone would have taken a good share of my day. I had a nice other pile of things on my list to do as well…but my brain just wasn’t clicking quickly.

On a Whim

So, on a total whim, I thought about cleaning up the CSS on our DiscoverPeppermint.com website. I knew there was some unused code there that needed cleaning up. That idea took me to http://gtmetrix.com where I could see the loading speed of my website and a few other parameters that were handy for us developers to know.

We’d just turned on some special “magic” to our own company site like we do for our clients who opt in to some of our security packages. I was pleasantly surprised to see the results!

Magic Works

Peppermint Web Design Speed Test


Now I could have left it there, but I’ve got a hard-core research component in my brain, so when I saw that little “compare” button on the left of the website, I decided to have a little fun. You see, like any good business owner, I’d been looking at the other web design companies that show up for various Google terms…so a few companies were on my mind. I decided to compare my website with a couple of them to see what I might be able to learn from how quick their websites showed up.

This is what I saw.


Web Design Companies Speed Comparison


Uhh….that was a little shocker really.  These guys have some great talent and serve some great businesses…so honestly, I had expected much better results.

To Their Credit

Now, if they used some “magic” like we’re using for our own site, as well as that of some of our monthly clients, this speed test wouldn’t be the same. And, to their credit, they get great SEO results for some key terms, so it proves that loading time isn’t everything.

Now You Know the Rest of the Story

But now you know what web designers do for fun…when their list is chuck full of other more important things to do.