If you still haven’t upgraded to the latest version of WordPress 3.9.1, then you really need to get your site updated. Not only will it keep you current with security updates, it will also provide some great new functionality. Even if you have updated to the latest WordPress version, you may not be using all the features yet. It’s so easy to just keep doing things the same old way, but there really are some cool new features in this version!

Just being able to paste from Microsoft Word with much great simplicity is huge. Plus, it is easier to browse for new themes (though we recommend you get a company like Peppermint Web Design to help you create a beautifully wonderful theme for your business 🙂 ). Follow through the infographic below to see all that’s new in the 3.9 version. Also, as we mention in our post “WordPess 3.9.1 Is Out,”  this update includes some security fixes which will help keep your site more secure. So do the update and if you would like help with your updates, let us know via our Contact page!


WordPress 3.9 Features Infographics

src: cloudways